Programs That Help Felons Get GEDs & Find Employment

Finding employment after serving time in prison is a challenging task. With a criminal record, ex-felons often have limited job opportunities making it hard to reintegrate into society. However, programs are available that help felons get their GEDs and find employment. These programs provide the necessary skills and support to make the transition smoother. This blog post will explore some programs, including Cooperative of Felon Friendly Employers, Goodwill Industries International, Federal Programs, and State and Local Programs, that offer assistance for ex-felons seeking employment opportunities. Let’s dive in!

Cooperative of Felon Friendly Employers

Cooperative of Felon Friendly Employers is an organization that connects ex-felons with employers willing to give them a second chance. They understand the challenges felons face in finding employment and work towards creating opportunities for them.

The organization works closely with employers to educate them on the benefits of hiring ex-felons. By doing so, they break down stigmas and stereotypes surrounding felons, allowing more doors to open for those looking for work.

Cooperative of Felon Friendly Employers also helps felons prepare resumes, develop job interview skills and connect with potential employers. They provide support throughout the job search process, making it easier for ex-offenders to find employment that suits their skill set.

The Cooperative of Felon Friendly Employers also offers training programs and workshops for ex-felons. These programs aim to equip participants with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s workforce.

Cooperative of Felon Friendly Employers provides a valuable service by connecting felons with companies willing to give them a chance at rebuilding their lives through meaningful employment opportunities.

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Goodwill Industries International

Goodwill Industries International is a well-known nonprofit organization that helps individuals find employment, including those with criminal records. With over 3,300 stores across the United States and Canada, Goodwill provides job training and placement services to millions of people each year.

One of the critical programs offered by Goodwill is its Reentry Program. This program focuses on helping individuals who have been incarcerated re-enter society and find stable employment. Participants in the program receive assistance with job readiness skills such as resume writing and interviewing techniques.

In addition to job training services, Goodwill also operates its businesses, which provide jobs for individuals with barriers to employment, such as criminal records or disabilities. By providing these employment opportunities, Goodwill helps individuals become financially independent and contributes positively to local economies.

Goodwill’s commitment to creating sustainable communities also extends beyond job placement services. The organization promotes environmentally conscious practices through initiatives such as store recycling programs.

Goodwill Industries International is essential in supporting felons seeking work by offering tailored support and resources while promoting positive social impact through its various programs.

Federal Programs

Several federal programs can help felons get their GEDs and find employment opportunities. These programs aim to reduce recidivism rates by providing support systems for individuals who have been incarcerated.

One such program is the Second Chance Act, which provides funding for reentry initiatives such as education, job training, substance abuse treatment, and housing assistance. This program helps felons reintegrate into society by giving them the necessary tools to succeed in their personal lives and careers.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is another federal program that benefits employers and employees. It provides tax credits to companies that hire individuals from certain target groups, including ex-felons. This incentive encourages businesses to give second chances to individuals with criminal backgrounds while benefiting from a reduced tax burden.

The Federal Bonding Program also offers insurance bonds for at-risk job seekers, including those with criminal records. These bonds provide an added layer of protection for employers hiring ex-offenders or other high-risk applicants.

These federal programs demonstrate a commitment to helping felons reintegrate into society through education and employment opportunities.

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State and Local Programs

State and Local Programs offer an alternative way for felons to get their GEDs and find employment. These programs are often run by non-profit organizations or government agencies that provide job training, counseling, and support services to help individuals with criminal records re-enter the workforce.

Some examples of state and local programs include:

  • The Second Chance Act: This federal program grants states and local governments the to develop reentry strategies for offenders returning from prison. These strategies may include education, training, mentoring, substance abuse treatment, housing assistance, etc.
  • Maryland Workforce Development Program: This program offers job placement services and skills-based training in industries such as construction trades, hospitality management, and health care administration, among others.
  • Project Reconnect: This community-based initiative provides transitional employment opportunities to ex-offenders who completed their sentence but have difficulty finding work due to a lack of experience or credentials.

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These programs offer great opportunities for felons looking for a fresh start in life by providing them with access to education/training resources while also helping them connect with potential employers. Each individual needs to carefully consider one of these programs and research which ones are available in their location to take full advantage of all available benefits.

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