Does Dollar General Hire Felons?: Felons Find Rebirth

Are you a convicted felon looking for a job at Dollar General? You’re not alone. Many individuals with criminal records find themselves struggling to secure employment, but the good news is that Dollar General is among the companies willing to give them a chance. Let’s explore the opportunities: Does Dollar General hire felons? In this blog post, we will explore whether or not Dollar General hire felons, what qualifications they need to meet, and how they can increase their chances of getting hired at Dollar General. h

Short Summary

  • Dollar General is a popular retail store with over 16,000 locations in the US.
  • Felons wonder if they have a chance of being hired at Dollar General.
  • Dollar General does hire felons in specific circumstances and positions.
  • Felons must meet specific requirements and qualifications to be considered for a job.
  • Background checks, drug tests, and relevant experience or education may be necessary.
  • Acquiring work at Dollar General can offer valuable experience and potential career growth.
  • Dedication and effort are essential for felons seeking employment at Dollar General.

Does Dollar General Hire Felons?

For felons, finding employment can be a daunting challenge. But the question remains: Does Dollar General hire felons? However, Dollar General may offer an opportunity for those with a criminal record to secure steady employment. Dollar General is known for its commitment to providing job opportunities to people regardless of their background.

Dollar General hire felons

As one of the largest retail chains in America, Dollar General has over 16,000 stores nationwide. This means plenty of job openings are available at any given time. While not all positions may be suitable for felons due to specific requirements and qualifications, there are still many roles where they can thrive.

Dollar General understands that everyone deserves a second chance and provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants regardless of their past mistakes. The company considers how long ago the felony occurred and whether it’s relevant to the role being applied for.

By offering competitive pay rates and numerous employee benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans, working at Dollar General can provide felons with stability and financial security while helping them integrate into society.

Suppose you’re a felon looking for job opportunities or know someone who is struggling with gaining meaningful employment after incarceration; consider applying for open positions at Dollar General. In that case, it might just be your chance at starting fresh.

Has Dollar General Hired Felons in the Past?

Dollar General is one of the largest retail chains in the United States. The company operates over 16,000 stores across 44 states and employs more than 150,000 individuals.

As a company that values diversity and equal opportunities for all, Dollar General has hired felons in the past. However, this does not mean they hire every felon applying for a job at their stores.

The hiring process at Dollar General involves several steps, including background checks and drug tests. Felons are subjected to the same rigorous screening process as any other candidate applying for a job at Dollar General.

While having a criminal record may make getting hired by some employers difficult, Dollar General considers each applicant’s qualifications and experience before hiring. The company believes in giving everyone an opportunity to prove themselves regardless of their past mistakes.

If you’re a felon looking to apply for a job at Dollar General or any other employer, it’s important, to be honest about your criminal history during the application process. Being transparent about your past can help build trust with potential employers and increase your chances of getting hired.

How Can A Felon Apply For A Job In Dollar General?

If you are a felon looking to apply for a job in Dollar General, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of being hired. Firstly, it is important to note that Dollar General hire felons, but the hiring process can be competitive.

dollar general hires felon

To apply for a job at Dollar General as a felon, start by visiting their official website or going directly to one of their stores and requesting an application form. You must provide basic personal information such as your name and contact details.

Next, ensure you have all the documents required for the application process, including identification and any relevant work experience certificates. Be honest about your past criminal history when filling out the application form.

It may also be helpful to include any additional skills or talents that make you stand out from other applicants. This could include customer service experience or proficiency in certain computer programs.

Prepare yourself mentally for potential rejection but don’t let this discourage you from continuing your job search. Keep applying and improving yourself until you land a position at Dollar General or elsewhere.

Requirements & Qualifications

To work at Dollar General as a felon, there are certain requirements and qualifications that you must meet. Firstly, to be considered for any position at Dollar General, you must be 18 years old or older. Additionally, the company requires all applicants to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

When it comes to experience, no prior retail experience is required for entry-level positions such as cashier or stocker. However, having previous customer service experience can greatly increase your chances of getting hired.

Dollar General places a strong emphasis on teamwork and excellent communication skills. As such, they look for individuals who possess these qualities when reviewing applications.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in becoming a manager at Dollar General, prior management experience is preferred but not always mandatory. The company also offers training programs and opportunities for advancement within the organization.

While some specific requirements and qualifications must be met when applying to work at Dollar General as a felon – with hard work and determination – it’s an achievable goal!

What does Dollar General do for a background check?

Dollar General hire felons, taking background checks seriously. The company conducts a thorough criminal history check on all applicants before deciding.

During the application process, candidates are asked to provide their personal information, including their Social Security number, to conduct a background check. The company uses third-party screening companies to conduct these checks and ensure compliance standards are met.

Dollar General typically looks for any felony or misdemeanor convictions within the past seven years. However, certain states have different regulations regarding background checks, so this may vary depending on where you live.

It’s important to note that having a criminal record does not necessarily disqualify an applicant from getting hired at Dollar General. Instead, each candidate is evaluated on a case-by-case basis considering the nature and severity of their conviction.

If you’re considering applying for a job at Dollar General but have concerns about your criminal history, it’s always best, to be honest during the application process. Doing so gives you the best chance of being considered fairly and potentially landing your next job opportunity!

Do you need a clean drug test to work at Dollar General?

Dollar General hir felons who pass a drug test. The company has a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse; all job applicants must undergo drug testing before hiring.

dollar general hired felons

If you’re planning on applying for a job at Dollar General, it’s important to know that you need to have a clean drug test to work there. If you have used drugs recently or are currently using them, your chances of getting hired may be slim.

Dollar General hire felons, taking its drug testing very seriously. They use state-of-the-art technology and strict procedures to ensure accurate results, so cheating on the test is not advisable.

Drug testing policies like this one are becoming increasingly common among employers in various industries. While some people may feel uncomfortable with being tested for drugs as part of their job application process, it’s ultimately up to each employer to decide what measures to take to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

What Positions Are Felons Offered In Dollar General?

Dollar General hire felons and offers felons a wide range of job opportunities. From entry level positions to managerial roles, there are various options for felons who want to work at Dollar General.

doller general does hire felons
  1. Store Associates: Assisting customers, stocking shelves, and maintaining a pleasant shopping experience.
  2. Cashiers: Handling transactions, operating cash registers, and providing friendly customer service.
  3. Warehouse Workers: Sorting, organizing, and preparing goods for distribution.
  4. Maintenance Crew: Ensuring cleanliness, performing repairs, and maintaining the store’s appearance.
  5. Loss Prevention: Monitoring and preventing theft, ensuring a secure shopping environment.
  6. Assistant Managers: Supporting store operations, leading teams, and fostering growth.

Dollar General provides many career paths open to individuals with criminal records who have successfully completed their sentence or probationary period.

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Practical Tips to Get Hired at Dollar General as a Felon

Dollar General hire felons, it may seem daunting, but it’s possible. Here are some practical tips that can help you increase your chances of getting hired:

Dollar General hires felons
  1. Be honest about your past: Honesty is always the best policy when applying for a job, especially if you have a criminal record. Letting your potential employer know about any convictions upfront shows you’re accountable and responsible.
  2. Highlight your skills: Focus on showcasing your talents and skills during the application process to offset any concerns about your criminal history. Make sure to highlight relevant experience in retail or customer service.
  3. Dress professionally: First impressions matter, so dress appropriately for interviews and store visits. This means avoiding anything too casual or revealing.
  4. Network with employees: Reach out to current or former Dollar General employees through social media or professional networks like LinkedIn to learn more about the company culture and hiring process.
  5. Follow up after interviews: Send follow-up emails thanking interviewers for their time and expressing interest in the position.

By following these practical tips, felons can increase their chances of landing a job at Dollar General despite their past mistakes.

Pay Scale for Felons at Dollar General

At Dollar General, the pay scale for felons depends on several factors. The company offers a competitive salary package to all its employees, and felons are not excluded from this benefit. However, the pay scale may vary depending on the candidate’s experience and qualifications.

Typically, entry-level positions at Dollar General have an hourly wage ranging from $8-$10 per hour. However, as you gain more experience and move up in position within the company hierarchy, your pay grade will also increase accordingly.

Dollar General also offers various bonuses to its employees based on their performance level throughout the year. These bonuses can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars annually.

Additionally, Dollar General provides excellent employee benefits like health insurance coverage options, including dental and vision care plans! Employees can also participate in the company’s 401(k) retirement savings programs.

Dollar General might suit you if you’re looking for a job with excellent starting pay rates and room for growth!

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Convictions That Make It Hard to Get Hired at Dollar General

Dollar General values its customers’ and employees’ safety, so they conduct background checks for all applicants. They do not hire individuals with violent or sexual offense convictions, as these crimes are considered high-risk behaviors threatening the workplace’s safety.

Moreover, Dollar General does not hire individuals convicted of theft or embezzlement charges. These convictions go against the company’s core values and could potentially harm its reputation if it were discovered that an employee had committed such a crime.

Additionally, drug-related offenses can make it hard for an applicant to get hired at Dollar General. As a company that sells over-the-counter drugs and medication, they take drug-related offenses seriously as it goes against their business model.

It is important to note that each case is evaluated individually during the hiring process. Any felony conviction may be considered in determining whether an applicant qualifies for the job at Dollar General.

If you have any concerns about your criminal record affecting your job application status at Dollar General, you may contact their human resources department to discuss your situation further.


Dollar General hires felons, but it depends on the crime’s nature and how long it occurred. They provide equal job opportunities to everyone, including those with a criminal record. However, they are still careful about their hiring process involving background checks and drug tests. Dollar General hire felons, but make sure that your criminal history is not too severe and that you meet all the qualifications required for the position you are applying for. With determination and effort, there’s always a chance to turn things around and start anew at Dollar General or any other organization willing to give second chances.


What is Dollar General changing their name to?

Dollar General is not changing its name, but it has recently rebranded to better align with the company’s mission and values. The new tagline, “Serving Others, ” reflects Dollar General’s commitment to helping customers save time and money.

What does Dollar General look like on a background?

Dollar General looks into an applicant’s background and considers factors such as criminal convictions, pending charges, and any other relevant information. Depending on the job position, they may also conduct drug screening tests and reference checks.

Do Dollar General employees get paid every week?

Yes, Dollar General employees get paid every week on a designated payday. Employees can get a direct deposit or have paper checks mailed to them.

How long is the hiring process at Dollar General?

The hiring process at Dollar General usually takes about 2-3 weeks. After submitting an application, you will typically receive a response within a few days, followed by an interview and background check.

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